Pre-Order Now “A Gentleman’s Stipulation”

Book 4 in The Scarlet Salon series is now available for pre-order. The official release date is Friday, March 6th, 2020. **** Lady Victoria Gilbert is in the market for a husband. Considered to be quite on the shelf, she desperately wants a family and home of her own. But that doesn’t mean she’ll … Continue reading Pre-Order Now “A Gentleman’s Stipulation”

Review: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue

One doesn't often come across a Georgian novel that's narrated purely from a male's perspective. Not only is Mackenzie Lee's writing a breath of fresh air, but it's also incredibly clever and fun. Henry Monty is your classic rake. He drinks, gambles, fornicates, and is determined to be as much of an embarrassment to his … Continue reading Review: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue

The Last Visit to the Tudor Court

I've enjoyed reading Philippa Gregory's historical novels ever since her release of "The Other Boleyn Girl." Not only are her books very well-researched and historically accurate but she really makes me sympathize with her main characters. "The Last Tudor" was the story of the three Grey sisters: Jane, Katherine and Mary. It's told from each … Continue reading The Last Visit to the Tudor Court