New title: The Reluctant Madam

Happy Summer everyone! Writing is always slower for me this time of the year; with such a short summer up here in Canada my social life goes into hyper drive. Not that I’m complaining 😊 but I’m happy to report that I’ve started working on Book 6 in my Regency romance series The Scarlet Salon.

The next novel/novella (the characters haven’t decided yet) revolves around Charlotte Hornsby, a nobleman’s bastard turned actress turned high-end courtesan. Charlotte has been mentioned or appeared in most of the books to date, but we get to know her best in Book 2 An Eye for an Earl. She’s a sympathetic character, a mistress of role-play and a good friend.

I felt it was time for Charlotte to get her own happily ever after and I’m introducing a new male love interest who’s loosely related to characters from previous novels. He’s going to be a bit challenging to write since he has a form of high functioning autism, a condition nowhere close to being identified in the early 1800s. But I’m excited to see if I’m up to writing a realistic (not cartoonish) and complex character.

The title came to me surprisingly easily as I decided to give Madam Sophie a break and introduce another interim brothel madam in the form of Charlotte. Synopsis and cover to follow in the upcoming months.

I wish you all a safe and fun-filled summer ☀️ and as always Happy Reading!


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