The season to be thankful

I had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US this year. Since I’m visiting family in California, I go to celebrate being thankful back home in Canada in October and once again a couple of days ago.

I truly have much to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my health, it’s truly one of this things you don’t appreciate till it’s compromised. With so people succumbing to COVID I feel lucky to remain unscathed.

I’m thankful that I kept my full-time job. Not that I love my day job but hey it’s a steady pay-check. Also, since I have the opportunity to work from home I’ve Ben doing lots and lots of reading 😊 I’ve been breezing through my TBR pile. Go goodreads challenge 2020 *whoop* *whoop*

I wish I could say my writing has been going as speedily as my reading, but Book 5 is taking me far longer than I expected. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever taken me this long to write what with all the distractions. But I am thankful that my Mac is still working and that I have fast speed internet 😆 so the delay is all in me!!

I’m thankful for the wonderful, sunny weather I’m experiencing vs. the snowy miserable weather back home in Toronto. Talking about the weather is exceedingly English but I swear it plays a huge part in Canadians’ lives.

I’m thankful that I have everything I need and could resist all the Black Friday shopping…until Boxing Day that is! So thanksgiving his year was all about family, which is the way it should be.

Stay safe and be thankful for the small things my friends 😊 📚🍂

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