Pre-Order Now “A Gentleman’s Stipulation”

Book 4 in The Scarlet Salon series is now available for pre-order. The official release date is Friday, March 6th, 2020.


Lady Victoria Gilbert is in the market for a husband. Considered to be quite on the shelf, she desperately wants a family and home of her own. But that doesn’t mean she’ll accept the advances of the charismatic yet obnoxious Mr. Blake Hall.

Blake Hall, the nouveau riche son of a mill tycoon, is in no need of a wife. After being spurned in love because of his lack of pedigree, he’s sworn off the debutantes of London high society. But Lady Victoria is no simpering miss and her barbed tongue has him torn between wanting to kiss her and throttle her.

After a failed plot lands them in a compromising position, the thin line between love and hate blurs sinfully for this unlikely pair. Embark on this journey of romance, which goes to prove that there’s always a second chance to make a first impression.


This book was originally meant to be a novella (#2.5 in the series) but Victoria’s story refused to be confined in anything less than a novel so it’s officially Book 4 in the series.

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