Taking the Plunge & Going Wide

When I first published my debut novel “A Gentleman’s Bidding” I published it through KDP and automatically enrolled it into KDP Select. I was new to the publishing scene and figured it would be easier to start off with just the one platform. After 2 terms of being enrolled in KDP (6 months) I decided not to remain exclusive but to try publishing wide via draft2digital. As most writing veterans will tell you: EXPERIMENT.

After one month of being wide I thought I’d share the results. I know typically, I should give it a few months to really see whether being wide is worth my time or not but there were definitely some interesting things to note.

First off, my sales on Amazon practically doubled from the previous month. While I was still getting some pages read from people who’d already borrowed the book when it was enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, no new users could borrow it. The spike in sales seem to indicate that people wanted to read my book and were willing to pay the $2.99 even if it wasn’t enrolled in KU.

Secondly, the sales in non-Amazon stores such as B&N and Kobo were a mere 17% of my overall sales last month. It just goes to show that like everyone says, Amazon is king!

Profits: was it worthwhile financially to pull my book out of KDP select and sell on more platforms? Answer: No.

While I did sell more units (almost double of that from previous months) the dollar value I get from pages read on KU far outweighs the profits made from the extra units sold.

It was a good exercise to run, and while I plan on experimenting with having a $0.99 promo this month while my book is still wide, I will be returning it to KDP.

There is no rule of thumb. It’s important to try different options, especially when the risk is minimal and it’s all quite easy to get in and out of. I encourage newbies such as myself to experiment because you’ll never know what works for your book unless you try.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I’m in the process of writing my, well, first few novels and planning to self-publish them in 2019. I am still learning a lot about the self-publishing industry and this gives me some great insight on whether to enter the KDP program or go on several platforms. Thanks and looking forward to more of your posts!

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  2. second bookPLEASE in the Scarlet Salon seriesQUICK
    Stephanie Detjens LOL 🙂 I’m working on it, Isabelle’s story should be ready for Publishing in September 2018!

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