A Gentleman’s Bidding Available in Audio

I’m exceedingly pleased to announce that my regency romance novel “A Gentleman’s Bidding” is now available in Audiobook format. It’s available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


I was introduced to audiobooks roughly a year ago and at first I was pretty skeptical. I’m an avid reader and often skim through paragraphs as I read, and so I couldn’t really imagine enjoying an audiobook. Then, I listened to my first romance audiobook, a novel from Mary Balogh’s Scandalous series, and I got hooked!

It’s one of those things where you can’t love it till you try it. I was incredibly resistant to eBooks as well when they first came out. I loved my paperbacks. I loved the feel and smell of printed books in my hands (and still do by the way). Then I tried eBooks and despite my initial resistance I fell in love. Same with audiobooks. If you start listening to them, especially when narrated by someone talented I assure you that you’ll get hooked as well.

I was very lucky to find an exceedingly talented narrator to produce my audiobook. Nina Nato was truly able to bring my characters to life, and with such a wide variety of accents such as French, Irish, Scottish, cockney, upper and lower class British…I mean wow, what a range 🙂

I love that audible has a free 30-day trial for those new to audiobooks, and your first audiobook is free.

Happy Listening!


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