Chéri – Inspiration for the Scarlet Salon

I'm a huge movie buff, and have no qualms in admitting that I can be inspired by scenes created on-screen, as well as, those found between the pages of a book. Inspiration can come from anywhere really, and interestingly enough it was a movie I watched starring the very beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer that … Continue reading Chéri – Inspiration for the Scarlet Salon


Taking the Plunge & Going Wide

When I first published my debut novel "A Gentleman's Bidding" I published it through KDP and automatically enrolled it into KDP Select. I was new to the publishing scene and figured it would be easier to start off with just the one platform. After 2 terms of being enrolled in KDP (6 months) I decided … Continue reading Taking the Plunge & Going Wide

Breeches over petticoats? Regency brothels got you covered

While doing research for an upcoming Novella, I found it surprisingly difficult to find information about male sex workers during the regency period in England. There's quite a bit of information about the subject during the Victorian era, as well as, some references to Georgian times... but regency proved to be harder to pin down. … Continue reading Breeches over petticoats? Regency brothels got you covered

The Last Visit to the Tudor Court

I've enjoyed reading Philippa Gregory's historical novels ever since her release of "The Other Boleyn Girl." Not only are her books very well-researched and historically accurate but she really makes me sympathize with her main characters. "The Last Tudor" was the story of the three Grey sisters: Jane, Katherine and Mary. It's told from each … Continue reading The Last Visit to the Tudor Court

Unmasking ‘The Masqueraders’

As a die-hard Georgette Heyer fan, I often find myself re-reading the books that have given me countless hours of mirth and amusement. After discovering the fabulous world of audiobooks, I have found this to be a different yet highly entertaining way of re-reading some of my all-time favorites. I just finished listening to one of my top 3 … Continue reading Unmasking ‘The Masqueraders’

Skirting the World of the Demimonde

Not all prostitutes in Regency London were equal. Not only was there a difference in their background and how much they earned, they also had different lifestyles and priorities in life. As in many aspects of London society, there was a hierarchy in the prostitution profession. There were the streetwalkers who plied their trade on the streets, above … Continue reading Skirting the World of the Demimonde